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5 Tips To Survive An Intensive Internship



5 Tips To Survive An Intensive Internship

If that internship matters to you, here’s how to prepare for survival

Landing your dream job in an industry of your choice means, many a times, you have to start from the bottom. Companies offering internship these days expect nothing less than hard-working, self-driven multi-taskers. Are you up to it?

As a leading ad agency describes their ideal intern – ‘a young, creative, dynamic individual, ready to take on real responsibilities from day one and interact with important clients’.

You might get overwhelmed with the sudden pile of work in front of you. Plus, it’s your first ever corporate exposure and you’re most likely getting paid peanuts for all your hard work.

But remember, this could be a great learning curve and set the tone for the rest of your career. So if this internship matters to you, here’s how to prepare for survival:

1. Don’t Think Of It as a Burden

Not able to handle the stress at work? Or feeling too worked up? Don’t be. This is just the beginning and things will surely change for the better.

So bear with that rude boss, and be patient with the multiple tasks dumped on you. The effort you put in today will prove crucial in the long run. This internship is not a burden – it’s a stepping stone towards your career dreams.

2. Don’t Be Invisible

Shine in your own way and come into limelight for all the right reasons. This will happen if you learn to take initiative.

Yes, you may get sidelined during meetings and your opinion may not be considered all the time, but that doesn’t mean you stop trying! Be proactive, observe and learn. Only through this approach, you can be in the good books of your employers.

As Pooja Kaushik recalls, “I joined a PR firm with much excitement and anticipation, but things didn’t go as I had expected in the beginning. I saw others speaking to the media and clients, but I was given the documentation to do.

“Gradually, I started taking initiative and pitched in with my ideas, which were then liked by the team.”

3. Unlearn to Learn

It may seem like anything you do is questioned, just because you are an intern. Don’t be so stubborn. Go to office with an open mind and willingness to learn.

No matter how good your presentation was in college, things are different in books and on the table. In fact, things differ from company to company!

Reena Mathur, 24, who works in a multinational firm, tells us, “I had to change the things I learned at last year’s internship. I’m still an intern and I can’t simply work as per my own will. I’m here to learn and that’s what I’m doing.”

4. Get in on the Company Culture

Get involved in every fun activity that the office organises. This will help you make new friends in other teams, and will help your seniors see your vibrant personality!

5. Make the Best of those Coffee Breaks

Internships can mean long, tedious working hours. Taking short coffee breaks will give your eyes and brain some much-needed rest.

Moreover, you can use this time to get to know your colleagues, perhaps even your boss, at a more personal level. Networking is a big part of corporate life, after all.

As Gayatri Sharma, 26, puts it, “(Coffee breaks and lunch hour) act as an icebreaker, especially for interns. Office life becomes much more interesting and at the same time, you build a good rapport with your colleagues too.”

A tough internship might seem like modern day slavery. But if you cope with it smartly, it could be your ticket to success.

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