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5 Things You Should Never Discuss At Work



5 Things You Should Never Discuss At Work

These awkward conversations don’t belong in the workplace

Everybody wants to succeed in their careers and be perceived as a strong team player. But hard work is not enough. A big part of success also depends on maintaining your professional relationships. If you want to get it right, you need to know what to say and what not to say.

You might have heard of people saying, “don’t get into office politics”, and they’re right. You need to choose your words carefully, even when you’re having a casual conversation in the canteen!

Avoid discussing these 5 things with your colleagues and friends at work:

1. Religion & Politics

No matter how strongly you feel about it, do not start a conversation on religion or politics. More importantly, don’t try to force your opinions on others. Doing so could seriously anger or offend someone, so steer clear of this topic altogether.

Anita Mulchandani, 34, senior manager with a multinational bank, recalls, “Once, a team member asked the seniors to change the team leader (me), just because he had a problem with my religious choices. He was asked to leave immediately.”

2. Office Romances

Hot news about the latest fling at work may be tempting to share – but avoid doing so at all costs. Why? Because you need to respect people’s privacy! Plus, you certainly don’t want to get into trouble for spreading rumours, or be called a gossip monger.

Marine professional Madhur Anand, 32, says, “Office romances tend to crumble between the professional and personal preferences of the two people involved. These couples are secretive and anxious. Many offices these days don’t like to keep such couples too.”

3. Family Issues

It’s quite simple, nobody is interested. What happened between you and your sibling, what your parents said to you, whom you met at a relative’s wedding — these stories are best shared outside work.

As air hostess Maria Vijay, 33, tells us, “We have a lot of spare time between flights. Still, I’m not comfortable discussing my personal issues with my fellow mates. Firstly, they are not problem solvers, and secondly, you never know when your personal stories become gossip.”

4. Career Goals

Talking about your professional goals with a colleague you’re close to seems harmless. But you never know when the news could reach the wrong person (your boss or the HR manager)!

Iti Gupta, 29, tele-caller with a Delhi call centre, says, “(Working at a) call centre was not my permanent career choice; I wanted to land a better job. But I made the mistake of discussing this with a colleague, who was friends with our boss. Result – I was assigned the night shift!”

5. Job Switch or Role Switch

Whether it’s a new position in your current workplace or a new job altogether, don’t reveal much about it to others. Sit down and have this chat only with the concerned person.

As Mansi Grover, 27, receptionist with a luxury resort, tells us, “A friend (working at a certain resort) wanted to switch locations, and shared it with another friend at work. Unfortunately, she blurted it out to the boss during an office party. This affected her appraisal. I feel it could have been easily avoided.”

Following these points might seem like your office life is about to get dull. But there’s a lot more harmless chatter to indulge in — your favourite movie or the latest restaurants, perhaps?

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