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5 Reasons To Say YES To That Startup Job



5 Reasons To Say YES To That Startup Job

Tired of the MNC grind? Welcome to the all-new and much improved Indian work culture

With the country’s top colleges encouraging placements at startups, hiring in India is undergoing a massive change.

January 2016 saw the launch of Startup India, an initiative that aims to celebrate the country’s entrepreneurial spirit, and develop a strong ecosystem for fostering innovation  in India. Even large corporations are making a difference by providing funding for startups, and the Union Budget 2016 also brought good news for startup founders.

While getting placed at a large company or MNC gives you tonnes of benefits and a sense of security, startups offer a flexibility that these organizations cannot. Though it’s essential that you weigh out the pros and cons before taking up any job, here are some strong points in favor of that startup offer you’ve been mulling over.

1) You help create the company culture

In the early stages of a startup, you will be a contributing factor towards the work culture and organization. Your opinion will matter when it comes to setting policies and hiring talent, and you will have a chance to steer and influence the company. In a way, you will be in a position to create a workplace that has personality traits quite similar to yours.

2) You know the boss

Startups are like families, and in a startup the employees are expected to stick with each other through thick and thin. Nearly everyone has a say in the decision making process, and there is a lot of dedication required from all members of the team. It’s obvious that in a situation like this you are in close contact with the boss at all times, often hashing out solutions together over several cups of coffee.

3) You can see the results of your work

Instead of waiting for a monthly or quarterly meeting to see the results of a campaign you helped contribute to, you see the results of your work directly in front of you as you are required to analyze the business performance on a daily basis. The sense of confidence this creates is overwhelming to say the least.

4) You can actually be creative

At a startup you have the freedom  to experiment with your ideas and suggestions. Since the business is new and everyone is trying to see what works and doesn’t work, you have full freedom to take charge and make great use of your creativity. The  creativity of large firms suffers from lack of innovation processes, whilst in start-ups the innovators enjoy more freedom and  new ideas can emerge more spontaneously. This is a great learning process.

5) No time for politics

Since you are a close-knit and small group of people trying to achieve a common goal, there is no space and time for office politics. You address issues and look for a solution together. All the decisions of the company are transparent.

Not everyone is meant for a startup, so you need to make this decision after giving the pros and cons of your particular job offer a good thought. You need to understand how the work environment suits your personality and preferences (such as core beliefs, job role and career goals) and only then make your choice.

So, do you think you’re ready to embrace the startup culture?




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