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Delhi Cafes That Double Up As Great Working Nooks

Delhi Cafes That Double Up As Great Working Nooks


Delhi Cafes That Double Up As Great Working Nooks

Stimulate your brain with a change of scenery and good food as you battle yet another deadline.

Working from home is not as blissful as it is made out to be.

For starters, it’s difficult to find your rhythm and not get distracted.  It takes enormous self-discipline to not indulge in a Game of Thrones marathon session even as these ghastly things called deadlines lurk in the corner.

And then there’s the question of food.

Wonder how our moms do it, but cooking three meals every single day is a humongous task, and there are days when you simply want to sit in a comfortable couch in an air-conditioned room and have people serve you great food and beverages while you work.

It’s on days like these that you ought to try working from one of the many great cafes that Delhi-NCR is rife with. Here’s our pick of four such cafes with good Wi-Fi:

Rose Cafe

Making PPTs is so much sexier if you are simultaneously digging into a plate of droolworthy waffles. Rose Cafe knows this only too well, because they dish out some of the city’s finest waffles in a beautiful ambience that also has great Wi-Fi. This place also has oodles of quaint charm to inspire you.

Where: Westend Marg, Saidulajab (near Saket metro station)

The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe

Located in the hip Shahpur Jat neighborhood, Potbelly is already a local favorite. The restaurant serves authentic Bihari cuisine in a tastefully done-up space. They have reasonably good Wi-Fi, great cold coffees and wraps too, if you’re not in the mood for food. It tends to get crowded around lunch and dinner time on weekends, so afternoons (after 3 p.m.) are great if you want to work.

Where: Shahpur Jat (behind UCO bank)


This tried-and-tested cafe is among the best places to work from. They have outlets practically everywhere – from Hauz Khas Village to Khan Market, most of which are busy on all days; but their Defence Colony branch, spread over two floors, is quieter, less crowded, spacious and has everything you need – wood-fired pizzas, salads, coffee and reliable Wi-Fi.

Where: Defence Colony Main Market, Block A

Kunzum Travel Cafe

This place is an institution of sorts as far as travel cafes in the city go – be it the concept or the model it is based on. Kunzum offers you free Wi-Fi and unlimited glasses of Coorgi coffee or tea with cookies, while you sprawl on the informal floor seating, chat with fellow travelers, flip through the pages of the books in its well-stocked in-house library, and get your work done too.

You can pay how much ever you feel like. The absence of food may be a bit of a drawback if you plan to plonk yourself in the cafe all day, but hey, it’s bang in the middle of Hauz Khas Village, where almost every building is a restaurant. It’s usually shut on Mondays, and closes around 7.30 p.m. every night.

Where: Hauz Khas Village
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