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Productivity is a habit – one you must build and maintain over time just like your gym regimen. The way you start your day can determine how the rest of your day (and by extension, the rest of your week and month) goes by. Start it sluggish, and you don’t feel like working too much. Jump out of bed with a plan, and you effectively jumpstart your mind to work!

So here’s five morning habits to adopt to hack your routine into a productive one:

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1. Don’t Wake Up to Social Media

No, don’t check your WhatsApp first thing in the morning.

In fact, don’t check Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and whatever other social media fancy is installed on your phone.

“Waking up to check social media not only fills your head with garbage as soon as you wake up, but also slows you down from getting actual shit done through the day,” says Kevin Fernandes, 23, from Hyderabad.

The only reason you should check your phone in the morning is if you have to turn off the alarm. And while you’re at it, do not hit snooze!

2. Set Your Tasks A Night Prior

Make your task list a night prior, and spend some time going over it in the morning.

This will help you plan your day, prioritise and basically just get you in the right frame of mind to get things done.

3. Get Ready for the Grind

Since you gotta grind, you need to convince your body and mind for it. So what do you do?

Anything it takes that’s up your alley – a quick jog, a few exercises, a yoga routine.

Pair it with something that wakes your brain – do the morning crossword, read a bit, catch up on some relevant news, or simply wake up early and meditate.

When you’re mentally and physically set to see a good day, you will have one.

4. Freshen Up, Even If You Got Nowhere To Be

Unless you have absolutely no intention of working on a particular day (and we don’t endorse this), freshen up.

Even if you work from home or have to step out much later, hit the shower and get fresh in the morning. This activates your senses, which is a must for a productive day.

As Neha Dhupelia, 27, from Mumbai puts it, “I don’t care if I’m sitting at home and binging on Netflix or if I’m meeting the most important client of my life – if you are to enjoy your day, your body needs to get fresh and feel good.”

5. Grab a Bite

We won’t profess eating breakfast like a king (who has time for that, right?), but get something inside that belly within two hours of waking up.

Whether it’s a Starbucks latte en-route to work, or simple brekkie at home, don’t skip this part. It’ll keep the energy up till the lunch bell rings.

So there it is – simple, efficient ways to hack your morning, tame that monkey mind and build good habits to have a brilliant day. Now, what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

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