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We’ve always fancied roaming around parks covered in orange leaves, soon to be buried in snow. But that doesn’t happen in most Indian cities as we’re blessed with a tropical climate. Luckily the winter months are relatively cooler, urging us to pull out warmer clothes from the back of our wardrobes.

Mumbai, for instance, is experiencing a nip in the air, so we can finally walk around in boots without looking silly!

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Now is the time to wear winter essentials just like our favourite fashionistas and Bollywood actresses do. And we’re here to help you put together the perfect winter OOTD.

1. Shake a Leg (With Boots)

You can always wear fancy boots, but they’re especially great in winters. Boots are easily available at Forever 21 and Zara stores. You’ll also find them in showrooms and road-side shops in Bandra.

Try the ones that go up to your knee and pair them with jeans or skirts, or opt for the ankle length ones with shorts or dresses.

2. Scarf Around

Add a scarf to your OOTD, be it a skater dress, formal wear or casual shorts. The key is to throw a printed scarf on a plain outfit, and vice versa.

You can also play with prints, colours and fabrics, the classic way. For instance, let your yellow scarf be a pop of colour on your monochrome jumpsuit. There’s really no limit to the experimentation here.

3. Leather Weather

Be it the 80s or the 21st century, leather jackets will always stay in vogue.

Despite the winter, Mumbai can get hot in the daytime. So save your jackets for evenings. Real leather or faux, the best colours this season are burgundy, ochre yellow, and the classic black. And if you can ride a bike in them, you’re sure to feel (and look) like a star!

4. Long Knit Sweaters

We’re talking about the light knitwear sweaters that make more of a style statement than keeping you warm. Yep, those are the perfect tool for you to layer your winter outfit and look stylish at the same time.

Wear them in soft pastel shades or bold colours, with comfortable leggings and boots, and you can fool your Insta followers about the weather in Mumbai!

5. Stock up on Stockings

When paired with a jacket, tee, and boots, stockings give you the sexy, chic look. When paired with a short dress or long tees, they make you look absolutely adorable. So versatile, right?

6. Beanies & Headbands

Choose a beanie in a lighter material, preferably in solid colours or just black. With headbands though, you can choose from all types of hues and prints and these are the ones that cover half of your head.

7. Try Trench Coats

Pick up your favourite cotton trench coat (now designed by every renowned brand in a mall), and pair it with a light spaghetti top and leggings so that you’re winter-ready, but not overly warm.

For the love of fashion, pair it with denim shorts and make a style statement this season.

8. Layer Me Pretty

Scout your wardrobe and pull out items that can be mixed and matched. Experiment with colours, fabrics, prints and patterns, and build layers to make a completely new, stylish outfit.

Which one of these are you excited to try? Tell us in the comments below.

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