diet salad

5 Mistakes Rookie Dieters Make

These diet mistakes lead to short-term results

By Jasmine Marfatia - September 23, 2017
sleep spicy food

These Eating Habits Could Disrupt Your Sleep

Has sleep eluded you? Watch what you eat

By Jasmine Marfatia - September 8, 2017

Is It Possible To Follow A Gluten-Free Diet In India?

It’s all fun and games until you find out what you can’t eat

By Jasmine Marfatia - September 6, 2017

Fine Dining Meets QSR: Anurag Katriar On Fast Casual Dining

The man behind restaurants like Indigo and Tote on the Turf introduces us to the latest trend in hospitality and why it works

By Rameez Shaikh - August 27, 2017
parsi navroze

Navroze Mubarak: Parsi Food Gems In Mumbai

Our bawi friend recommends the best spots for a real Parsi feast

By indibeat staff - August 17, 2017

5 Foods That Are Healthier Than You Think

These foods have been given a bad name for all the wrong reasons and are, in fact, good for you

By Jasmine Marfatia - August 9, 2017

7 Health Food Impostors You Need To Avoid

This so-called healthy food is just junk in disguise

By Jasmine Marfatia - August 4, 2017

Dramatic Dining: In Conversation With Zorawar Kalra

Restaurateur Zorawar Kalra talks about his latest venture Kode, performance art-like dining and more

By Rameez Shaikh - July 26, 2017

Wake Up & Smell The Indian Cheese

5 places you’ll find the best artisanal cheeses made in India

By Mineli Goswami - July 25, 2017

The Fuss About Fermentation

What makes fermented food the new health trend of 2017

By Jasmine Marfatia - July 21, 2017
kullvi dham

Kullvi Dham: A Culinary Tradition

The taste and tradition of Himachal on a platter

By Tishta Sharma - July 19, 2017

World Chocolate Day: 5 Chocolate Trends That Will Make You Drool

From unusual pairings to healthier options, chocolates, the world over, are getting dramatic makeovers

By indibeat staff - July 7, 2017

Best Eateries For A Seriously Early Breakfast In Mumbai

Stepping out at the crack of dawn with an empty, growling stomach? We’ve got just the early morning fix you need!

By Rameez Shaikh - July 4, 2017

5 Comfort Foods For Mumbai’s Monsoon

Downpour bringing along a bunch of cravings? Here are some foods that perfectly complement the rains

By Rameez Shaikh - June 20, 2017

Mumbai’s Most Desirable Sushi

Move over, California roll! On International Sushi Day we recommend the most creative maki in town

By indibeat staff - June 18, 2017
Detox as per blood type

Refreshing Detox Drinks To Suit Your Blood Group

A dietician explains what to include in your detox diet as per your blood group

By Shilpa Kawatra - June 9, 2017

A Fishy New Diet: Go Pescetarian

A diet counsellor gives you the lowdown on the pescetarian diet

By Rameez Shaikh - June 7, 2017

Mumbai’s Favourite Chocolate Cafes

Calling all you chocoholics; these cafes were made for you

By Tasha Keswani - June 6, 2017

Keep Cool With These Natural Foods

Beat the heat without artificial colours and preservatives!

By Marvi Khatwani - June 2, 2017

Beyond Restaurants: The Evolution Of Eating Out

Millennials don’t mind eating anywhere as long as the food is incredible

By Shilpa Kawatra - May 30, 2017

Get Curious: Keep Your Hands Muddy

Travel to watch and learn to farm

By Mineli Goswami - May 29, 2017

The Health Food Fallacy: Nutrition Labels Decoded

Is your health food really healthy?

By Jasmine Marfatia - May 17, 2017

Bombay’s Best Book Cafes

Do you love a warm cup of coffee to go with your books? Here’s a list of places where you’ll get just that

By Rameez Shaikh - May 2, 2017
Foodie communities on facebook

5 Facebook Communities For Food Lovers

Join these Facebook communities to share recipes and talk all things food

By Shilpa Kawatra - May 1, 2017

Malad On A Platter: Small Eateries, Big Bite

These new outlets are driving the food scene in Malad by serving the best grub on a budget

By Marvi Khatwani - April 25, 2017

The Many Flavours Of Easter

The culinary traditions of Easter in different parts of the world

By Tishta Sharma - April 16, 2017

Myth-busting The Food Portion Proposition

All you need to know about the Government’s proposed bill on food portions in restaurants

By indibeat staff - April 14, 2017
Mumbai's best homemade ice cream

Bombay’s Best Homemade Ice Creams

Ice creams so good, summer can take a hike

By Pallavi Kedia - April 10, 2017

Farm-To-Fork: Buy Fresh, Local Food In Mumbai

Tanvi Somani talks about the farmers’ market coming to Mumbai this weekend.

By Rameez Shaikh - March 24, 2017

Bon Appétit: Goût de France Is Back In Town

Mrs Caroline Perrin talks about the global French food festival that’s coming to India.

By Priyanka Singh - March 20, 2017