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5 Mistakes Rookie Dieters Make

These diet mistakes lead to short-term results

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Learn To Say No

For people pleasers who just can’t say no to anyone

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Where To Go On Your First Tinder Date In Delhi

Guess what? First dates don’t have to be awkward

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Why Do You Get Friend-Zoned?

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Mineli On… Magazines

Following the Indian magazines’ beaten tracks

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Bhaago India: How To Prepare For Your First Marathon

With pro tips from a seasoned marathoner

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A Mantra For Millennials

Understanding Om Mani Padme Hum, a Buddhist mantra for much-needed peace

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These Instagram Profiles Will Bring You Back On The Road To Fitness

Here’s all the fitspiration you need

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Mineli On… Mustaine

Life lessons from the badass quinquagenarian of Thrash Metal

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Collectors’ Corner: The Cutest Coasters On Sale

Shopping destinations for the coaster mafia

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Formality: A Staple Indian Habit

Do millennials believe in the concept of formality?

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These Eating Habits Could Disrupt Your Sleep

Has sleep eluded you? Watch what you eat

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The Struggles Of Being A Creative Professional In India

Do we really value the creative field in this country?


7 Ways To Make Yourself Likeable At A Social Event

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Is It Possible To Follow A Gluten-Free Diet In India?

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How To Make The Most Of Your Small Room

Millennials share storage and design hacks for small spaces

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5 Failsafe Ways To Beat Burnout

Avoid hitting rock bottom at work

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Is Cheating In A Relationship Ever Okay?

Cheating isn’t uncommon, but is it ever justified?

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A Rookie’s Guide To Monsoon Fun

Safe and easy monsoon activities, because rappelling and kayaking are not for everyone

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Fine Dining Meets QSR: Anurag Katriar On Fast Casual Dining

The man behind restaurants like Indigo and Tote on the Turf introduces us to the latest trend in hospitality and why it works

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Does Lack Of Eye Contact Mean Lack Of Confidence?

A recent study demystifies eye contact in relation to personality

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Finding Family: 6 Things That Will Take You Closer To Your Roots

Celebrate Family History Month with these simple yet revealing things together


7 Instagrammers For Style Inspiration

Follow these girls on Instagram for your daily dose of style

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Save Up & Get Rich: 10 Things To Cut From Your Life

Because a rupee saved, is a rupee earned

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Navroze Mubarak: Parsi Food Gems In Mumbai

Our bawi friend recommends the best spots for a real Parsi feast

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A Room Of Her Own

Why every independent woman deserves a space to shut the world out

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First Date Jitters?

Millennials share tips to handle those first date nerves

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The Lazy Millennial’s Guide To Decluttering

Easy steps to declutter your home

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