Collectors’ Corner: The Cutest Coasters On Sale

Shopping destinations for the coaster mafia

By Mineli Goswami - September 10, 2017

5 Instagrammers Who Take Us Places

Take a break from oversaturated photographs and see glimpses of actual travel

By Mineli Goswami - September 5, 2017

The Tale Of Trending Dreamcatchers

From an ancient charm to a modern decorative piece, the journey of dreamcatchers

By Tishta Sharma - August 21, 2017
ethical photography

A Layman’s Manual To Ethical Photography

On World Photography Day, press that shutter responsibly and with a conscience

By Mineli Goswami - August 19, 2017

Why You Should Start Colouring Again

Adult colouring books are a thing – here’s why you need to get one

By Mahevash Shaikh - August 2, 2017

Pradarshak: A Platform For Emerging Art

Savitha Hira runs a gallery for upcoming artists and talks about the challenges involved

By Priyanka Singh - July 10, 2017

Get Curious: Learn A Language

Travel to see and learn to speak

By Mineli Goswami - July 3, 2017

Art Is The Answer

How art can help with emotional healing and self-expression

By Tishta Sharma - July 1, 2017

Thangka Painting: More Than Just Art

A closer look at the beautiful Buddhist art

By Tishta Sharma - June 28, 2017
Shiraz Hussain

From Page To Paint: A Caravan Of Urdu Greats

In conversation with visual artist Shiraz Husain of Khwaab Tanha Collective

By Mineli Goswami - June 5, 2017
RJ Nitin

Spotlight: In Conversation With RJ Khurafati Nitin

Meet Delhi RJ Khurafati Nitin, the on air prankster

By Shilpa Kawatra - June 4, 2017

Get Curious: The Art Of Making Art

Travel to watch and learn to paint

By Mineli Goswami - May 22, 2017

5 Inspiring Stories Of Young Indian Dancers

On International Dance Day today, we look at five of the most successful modern Indian dancers

By Tishta Sharma - April 29, 2017

Meet The Famous Five

The five most important theatre families, who have been entertaining audiences since the ’60s

By Arundhati - April 24, 2017

World Earth Day: Upcycled Art

We meet the founder of Théla, a brand that uses discarded plastic bags to make beautiful handmade products

By Priyanka Singh - April 22, 2017
Collectors Corner - Notebooks

Collectors’ Corner: Note These Notebooks

Shopping for the most beautiful notebooks created by independent artists

By Mineli Goswami - April 18, 2017

Collectors’ Corner: Masks Of Menace

Shopping for the most fearsome masks made in India

By Mineli Goswami - April 14, 2017

Open Mic: Unleash The Poet Within

Showcase your talent at these poetry nights in Mumbai

By Arundhati - April 7, 2017

Women In Theatre: 5 Inspiring Changemakers

On World Theatre Day today, we speak to five inspiring women who’ve been part of and encouraged Indian theatre.

By Arundhati - March 27, 2017

World Poetry Day: 10 Great Poets Of All Time

The works of these literary geniuses strike a chord with millennials even today.

By Tishta Sharma - March 21, 2017

World Puppetry Day: In Conversation With Anurupa Roy

The award-winning puppeteer discusses why this art form is still relevant and deserves its place in the sun.

World Storytelling Day - Interview with Dhara Kothari

Reviving The Art Of Storytelling With Dhara Kothari

On World Storytelling Day, Dhara Kothari of Katha Kosa tells us why the world needs more stories.

By Priyanka Singh - March 20, 2017

Meet Pravina Mecklai, The Woman Behind Jamaat Art Gallery

As her gallery completes 18 years, Mecklai reflects on the evolution of art in India.

By Arundhati - March 8, 2017
Dance pilgrimages

Get Curious: Classical Dance

Travel to watch and learn to dance.

By Mineli Goswami - February 22, 2017

Rage Against Time

As Rage celebrates 25 years, we catch up with the founders of the famous theatre company.

By Arundhati - February 17, 2017
RD8 (1)

Sunday Reads: In Conversation With Mumbai’s Star Muralist

We caught up with Ranjit Dahiya, the man behind Bandra’s larger-than-life Bollywood murals, to chat about his obsession with cinema and latest work.

By Arundhati - December 25, 2016

Catch Your Favourite Internet Stars Off the Web

We love them for their work in our favourite web-series, but these actors can also hold their own on the big screen.

By Pallavi Kedia - December 15, 2016

Midweek Inspiration: 5 Powerful Poems from the Legendary Amrita Pritam

If words could cast a spell, then Amrita Pritam was a sorceress for sure.

By indibeat staff - December 7, 2016

The Multi-Tasking World of Web Series

Actors act, writers write, and directors direct. But, in the world of Indian web series, conventional lines merge and good shit happens.

By Pallavi Kedia - December 6, 2016

Trend Spotting: Street-Art Surprises Across India

Graffiti artists are beautifying their hometowns and cities one street at a time

By indibeat staff - October 27, 2016