In Memoriam: A Tribute To Chester Bennington

News of the iconic Linkin Park frontman’s suicide has broken million hearts. A fitting send-off is in order

By Tanay Ayer - July 22, 2017
book date ideas

5 Book Date Ideas For The Couple Who Loves To Read

Found someone who knows their Shelley from their Keats? Here are five ideas to make your nerdy dates more fun

By Rameez Shaikh - July 20, 2017

5 Films For Moon Day

Celebrate July 20th with cinema that revolves around all things lunar

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July 18: The Day Dr Gonzo Came To Earth

With weird wishes for the weirdest writer Hunter S Thompson

By Mineli Goswami - July 18, 2017

The Unsung Auteur of Indian Cinema: Satyajit Ray

Remembering the master filmmaker

By indibeat staff - July 12, 2017

6 Refreshing Stand-up Comedy Specials On Netflix India

These underrated specials are comedy gold

By indibeat staff - July 11, 2017

Pradarshak: A Platform For Emerging Art

Savitha Hira runs a gallery for upcoming artists and talks about the challenges involved

By Priyanka Singh - July 10, 2017

Nonsensical Nepotism

It’s only human to have favourites, but how much is too much?

By Shilpa Kawatra - July 8, 2017

Raahgiri Day: It’s Time To Reclaim The Streets

Hit the streets as Delhi goes car-free (and pollution-free) on Raahgiri Day

By Shilpa Kawatra - July 7, 2017

What CBFC’s Ideal Movie Looks Like

The CBFC’s six-point guide to making an ‘ideal Bollywood movie’

By indibeat staff - July 4, 2017

Get Curious: Learn A Language

Travel to see and learn to speak

By Mineli Goswami - July 3, 2017

8 Nostalgic Comics For Every 90s Kid

Take a walk down the comic lane!

By Tishta Sharma - July 2, 2017

Art Is The Answer

How art can help with emotional healing and self-expression

By Tishta Sharma - July 1, 2017

80s Bollywood Films That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time

Stories that might seem too bold even today!

By Priyanka Singh - June 30, 2017

Thangka Painting: More Than Just Art

A closer look at the beautiful Buddhist art

By Tishta Sharma - June 28, 2017

June 27: Happy Birthday Pancham Da

An ode to R.D. Burman on his 78th birthday

By Mineli Goswami - June 27, 2017
typewriter day

June 23: Trippy Typewriter Day

For the love of jabbing words on to a page

By Mineli Goswami - June 23, 2017
pamela singh selfie

Selfish To Selfie

Selfish little histories that made the first frames

By Mineli Goswami - June 21, 2017
world music day

Why My Heart Beats For Music

On World Music Day today, millennials express their undying love for music

folk tales

The Folk Tale Collection

7 must-have books on Indian legends and myths

By Mineli Goswami - June 19, 2017

Collectors’ Corner: Message In The Tee

Shopping for the coolest t-shirts made in India and sold online

By Mineli Goswami - June 15, 2017

What’s With The F-Word, Kangana?

Our love for Kangana is as selective as her feminism is

By Priyanka Singh - June 14, 2017

Is Vastu For Real Or Is It Just A Fad?

The scientific versus the astrological take on vastu, by experts

navin noronha

Spotlight: Interview With Comic Navin Noronha

Noronha talks about the thriving comedy scene in India, and life post coming out

By Arundhati - June 12, 2017

Will The Real Sufi Please Stand Up?

From dargahs to concert halls to nightclubs – taking stock of the Sufi situation

Shiraz Hussain

From Page To Paint: A Caravan Of Urdu Greats

In conversation with visual artist Shiraz Husain of Khwaab Tanha Collective

By Mineli Goswami - June 5, 2017
RJ Nitin

Spotlight: In Conversation With RJ Khurafati Nitin

Meet Delhi RJ Khurafati Nitin, the on air prankster

By Shilpa Kawatra - June 4, 2017

Time Travel To 1987

Come face to face with Bollywood flicks your age!

By Mineli Goswami - June 2, 2017

Beyond Netflix: 7 Shows You Must Watch

Our picks from Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video

By Arundhati - May 25, 2017