Why Today Should Be A Jazzy Saturday

Celebrate John Coltrane’s birthday and swing away!

By Mineli Goswami - September 23, 2017

6 Gangster Films For Closet Gangsters

Movies from the dark underbelly of Indian and international cinema

By Mineli Goswami - September 21, 2017

Mineli On… Magazines

Following the Indian magazines’ beaten tracks

By Mineli Goswami - September 17, 2017

6 Netflix Shows You’ll Come Away From Smarter

These shows are interesting and informative

By Namrata Juneja - September 15, 2017
om mani padme hum

A Mantra For Millennials

Understanding Om Mani Padme Hum, a Buddhist mantra for much-needed peace


Mineli On… Mustaine

Life lessons from the badass quinquagenarian of Thrash Metal

By Mineli Goswami - September 13, 2017

The Best Offbeat Films At The Jagran Film Festival 2017

With a good mix of world and Indian cinema, JFF promises to be a cinematic treat for every movie buff in Mumbai


Collectors’ Corner: The Cutest Coasters On Sale

Shopping destinations for the coaster mafia

By Mineli Goswami - September 10, 2017

5 Apps That Will Bring Out The Musician In You

Learn a music instrument or get better at the one you know with these cool apps

By Mineli Goswami - September 7, 2017

5 Instagrammers Who Take Us Places

Take a break from oversaturated photographs and see glimpses of actual travel

By Mineli Goswami - September 5, 2017

4 Places Where Dussehra Is Cooler Than Ravana

Where to travel to meet the demon king on September 30

By Mineli Goswami - September 1, 2017

Get Set Groove: The Lowdown On Ziro Music Festival

How to make the most of it, from Sept 28 until Oct 1

By Mineli Goswami - August 30, 2017

The Tale Of Trending Dreamcatchers

From an ancient charm to a modern decorative piece, the journey of dreamcatchers

By Tishta Sharma - August 21, 2017

5 City Documentaries That Speak The Truth

Discover Indian cities and their modern characters with these realistic films

By Mineli Goswami - August 20, 2017
ethical photography

A Layman’s Manual To Ethical Photography

On World Photography Day, press that shutter responsibly and with a conscience

By Mineli Goswami - August 19, 2017

Spotlight: In Conversation With Avanti Nagral

The 19-year-old artist chats with us about her latest song, I Like, and much more

By Rameez Shaikh - August 13, 2017

5 South American Films Every Indian Should Watch

Dig through the best motion pictures from the other side of the planet

By Mineli Goswami - August 11, 2017

How To Love Thy Neighbour

Tips to get along with ‘those people’ next door

By Mineli Goswami - August 8, 2017
kishore kumar

Kishore Da: A Tribute

Remembering the eccentric genius on his 88th birth anniversary

By indibeat staff - August 4, 2017

Why You Should Start Colouring Again

Adult colouring books are a thing – here’s why you need to get one

By Mahevash Shaikh - August 2, 2017

The Curious Case Of Dreadlocked Creatures

Insider tips to master the art of grooming ungroomed hair

By Mineli Goswami - August 1, 2017

A Guide To Buying Your First Guitar

Buy your first real six-string with confidence

By Mineli Goswami - July 28, 2017

July 23: Slashing Through Time

Birthday wishes to a true guitar god, who continues to wear the loudest and proudest hat of hard rock

By Mineli Goswami - July 23, 2017

In Memoriam: A Tribute To Chester Bennington

News of the iconic Linkin Park frontman’s suicide has broken million hearts. A fitting send-off is in order

By Tanay Iyer - July 22, 2017
book date ideas

5 Book Date Ideas For The Couple Who Loves To Read

Found someone who knows their Shelley from their Keats? Here are five ideas to make your nerdy dates more fun

By Rameez Shaikh - July 20, 2017

5 Films For Moon Day

Celebrate July 20th with cinema that revolves around all things lunar

books (1)

July 18: The Day Dr Gonzo Came To Earth

With weird wishes for the weirdest writer Hunter S Thompson

By Mineli Goswami - July 18, 2017

Pradarshak: A Platform For Emerging Art

Savitha Hira runs a gallery for upcoming artists and talks about the challenges involved

By Priyanka Singh - July 10, 2017

Nonsensical Nepotism

It’s only human to have favourites, but how much is too much?

By Shilpa Kawatra - July 8, 2017