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When demonetisation hit India, the food industry was perhaps the only one that wasn’t as badly hit. If that doesn’t tell how much we Indians love our food, I don’t know what will!

Food is the only thing that transcends caste and class, with the richest of the rich gorging on humble street side chaat like there’s no tomorrow. Food is also pure delight for many of us who live to eat rather than eat to live.

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With digitisation becoming an essential part of our lives, several food enthusiasts have taken their passion to social media platforms like Facebook and started foodie groups. Some have even turned these communities into business ventures.

What’s better than to meet like-minded foodies online, share recipes and photos, and talk all things food? Here are five such groups you can join:

1. Food Talk India

With over 2.5 lakh members, this community is a full-fledged social media entity with presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat too. They also have a dedicated website,, which explains their mission – to share food experiences, get recommendations on what to order, recipes, reviews and more! What we like most is the gorgeous food photos they regularly upload on their Facebook page.

2. Eatlo

This group was founded a few years ago and today stands strong with over 46,000 members. Eatlo basically focuses on tips and recommendations on various eateries in India. Apart from that, people also share their self-cooked meals photos and recipes. The group has recently segregated into communities as per interests such as travel food diaries, recipes and pictures etc. They also ventured into a separate entity,, which is a blog site talking about food. This site also allows food bloggers and Youtubers to publish their work and reach their target audience.

3. Eattreat

This group majorly talks about high end resorts and hotel menus, those Michelin-starred restaurants and home-cooked gourmet foods. Their Facebook community stands strong at more than 3 lakh members, who usually discuss things like Swiss chocolates, newly launched champagnes and the hottest food events around town. They also have a blog site by the name

4. Home Bakers Guild

This is one big community for bakers, by bakers. Gorgeous photos of themed cakes, everyday cakes, pastries and muffins decorate its Facebook page, which is more than 1.4 lakh members strong. Some members are generous enough to share step-by-step recipes of their baked goods. Home Bakers Guild is a closed group but you can request access by clicking on ‘join group’.

5. Gurgaon Food Freak

This is a part of the famous Indian Food Freak group. However, GFF as they call it, gradually became more popular. With more than 21,000 members now, it shares the best food-related advise for people of Gurgaon — be it new restaurant launches or foodie events in the city. IFF also has its own food awards which is a yearly event and happens at Gurgaon.

So if you love food or cooking, or are looking for an answer to ‘kya khaun?’, join these groups and get multiple replies. Bon appetit!

Image Credit: Nikhil Mudaliar

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