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Seen a film called The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus? This Terry Gilliam production was Heath Ledger’s last performance, and how this psychedelic extravaganza sticks in the mind.

I have a friend who has a secret fondness for fantastical sets. I know he even fancies walking around on a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film set in those high-ceilinged bungalows. I think I caught the bug from him. What could be better than to witness a bizarre, large-scale production after a doob on a Sunday morning?

300 x 250

Here are some very Indian trippy experiences to head for.

1. Kingdom of Dreams (Delhi)

Opened in 2010, this ‘live entertainment destination’ in Gurgaon was much looked forward to but never quite picked up amongst the locals (unlike foreign package tourists being forcefully led there!).

I finally visited and found it very trippy – provided you take your sense of humour along and pick the right section to go to.

Culture Gully is thronged with people, but pick a good theatre show at Showshaa or Nautanki and you won’t be disappointed.

2. Ramoji Film City (Hyderabad)

This one needs no introduction. Guinness Records have certified Ramoji as the largest studio complex in the world.

It’s extremely popular, so you’re better off going there on a weekday. Their upcoming Winter Fest looks promising with carnival parades and live shows planned.

The regular Film City tour itself is also a pleasure with Tollywood’s kitschest on display. Also try the Eco Tour to see birds that have starred in blockbusters.

3. Adlabs Imagica (Khopoli)

This is an Adlabs venture so you can expect technology to be the prime focus.

Imagica is a short drive from Mumbai or Pune, and since 2013 it has attracted anyone who cares for amusement at a big scale, like the country’s largest roller coaster, not to forget 4D simulation rides. My personal favourite is this ultra-trippy Deep Space ride.

4. Science City (Kolkata)

Speaking of space and technology, Kolkata’s Science City is way better than your average Nehru Planetarium.

This highly affordable destination has a 3D Theatre where you get special Polaroid spectacles to enjoy the shows, a motion simulator called Time Machine, and a Space Theatre (unfortunately closed at the moment for renovations). Try the Illusion Room in Dynamotion Hall to get truly confused when stoned.

5. Royal Opera House (Mumbai)

The country’s only surviving opera house is grand as it gets, and here, you can find entertainment with far more sophistication than, say, Kingdom of Dreams.

It’s housed in a baroque heritage monument where you can go for concerts in a truly elevated setting that makes for a pleasant change from the more modernist performance spaces like NCPA.

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